The Summer of Code was a big success for WinLibre.

We've got new code from this program, and we've gained new developers.

From the original 10 projects, 9 have succeeded and 1 has failed.

Here are some highlights:

New software


Final Touch is a GPLed image manipulation tool for Windows developed by Noemi Tojzan.

It features an user friendly GUI, automatic filtering with high quality processing, image adjustments and enhancement tools, special effects and video processing

Sneaky Snakes

The Sneaky Snakes is a new addictive Snake game written in Python by Michael Rybak. It's actually running on Windows, Linux and MacOSX.


Xaze is a space shooter game for Windows and Linux written by Joseph Gentle


BingleBall is an action and strategy game written by Ethan Jucovy.

New Distribution


MacLibre is an Open Source Software Distribution for Mac OS X developed by François Perche.

It is to Macintosh what WinLibre is to Windows.

WinLibre internals

This 4 projects are written in Python. Their code base will be soon merged in order to become one of the next WinLibre release.

Control Center

The control center, written by Joey Freund, will become the WinLibre's user interface. It features: launch each of WinLibre’s programs, display news items from WinLibre’s website, launch the updater tool, easy access to various web services such as Wikipedia, Google and more...


The WinLibre updater allows reliable and painless update of existing installations. It's written by Gil Tal.


It's a python rewrite of the actual WinLibre setup coded by Bohdan Vlasyuk.

Python Rewrite

It's a python rewrite of the actual WinLibre setup coded by Bertrand Cachet



PyCD was intended to be an open source graphical interface to cdrecord.