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mercredi 27 octobre 2004

WinLibre 0.3.0 Beta2

This is again Beta-testing time with this 0.3.0Beta2 release.
This release implements all Winlibre 0.3 planned features:

  • Automatic French dictionaries installation for
  • English or French software installation in respect to chosen language
  • ChangeLog.txt Added
  • French Nvu 0.50 release added
  • Application update: 1.1.3, FireFox 0.9.3(fr) et 0.10.1(en), ThunderBird0.8 , Nvu 0.50 (En and Fr), Gaim 1.0.2, FilleZilla 2.2.8d, Blender 2.34, Gimp 2.0.5, Audacity 1.2.2, Inkscape 0.39, Clamwin 0.35-2
  • GTK 2.4.10 for Gaim and TheGimp

WinLibre 0.3 Beta2 Download:

Download it, Test it, and report bugs here!

lundi 18 octobre 2004

GenIconXP 0.2 : Free Windows icon generator

GenIconXP 0.2 is out !

This is a free GPL tool aimed at generating multi-resolution icons for Windows.

Along with The Gimp (images manipulation) and Inkscape (vector drawing), GenIconXp allows you to have a free and complete icon working software suite.

mardi 12 octobre 2004

Nvu 0.50 official release

Just read on Daniel Glazman's Blog (en), Nvu 0.50 has been released.

You can download Nvu here :

Or you can wait to the upcoming WinLibre 0.3.

jeudi 7 octobre 2004

Official WinLibre merchandise

The official WinLibre merchandise online-store is born !

All profit from anything sold there goes to supporting the WinLibre development.

So buy a WinLibre T-Shirt or Cap ;-)

Application Updates. Beginning of October 2004

Here is the software update list. This sofware will be integrated in the next WinLibre release (0.3Beta2).

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