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mercredi 22 septembre 2004

Application Updates. September 2004

Here is the software update list. This sofware will be integrated in the next WinLibre release (0.3).

vendredi 17 septembre 2004

Inkscape page modified

The Inkscape page, the vector drawing software, has now a link to the Open ClipArt Library Logo Open Clipart Library

This web site is an Open ClipArt Library. This ClipArts are in the public domain. Their file format is SVG. They can be used directly witn Inkscape.

mardi 14 septembre 2004

FireFox 1.0PR, ThunderBird 0.8

FireFox 1.0PR has been released (Mozilla Firefox Preview Release Release Notes)

  • Live Bookmarks
  • Improved Find
  • Managing Annoyances and Protecting Security
  • Better Bookmarks
  • Strong Encryption For Passwords Available
  • Improved Compatibility for IE users

ThuderBird 0.8 ha been released (Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8 Release Notes)

  • Global Inbox
  • Comprehensive Data Migration
  • RSS Integration
  • Improved Privacy Controls
  • Improved Quick Search
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