Table of Contents

Project Proposal

Current Progress

Goals for week of 1/8:

  • Primary goals
    • Add a Collision class which contains all the relevant information about a Collision, so that Pieces don’t have to contain pointers to other Pieces when they collide; instead I can have a single list of Collisions and process them separately from the Pieces.
    • Rewrite the collision-detecting and collision-processing code to make use of this.
    • Rewrite the piece-interaction code.
    • Add Walls and collisions between Pieces and Walls.
    • Add Attractors and Repellors, which pull/push objects away by “gravity” when certain conditions are met.
      • Come up with a way to implement Attractors and Repellors, as I now realize that my initial idea doesn’t really make sense.
  • Secondary goals
    • Add piece-specific Obstacles.
    • Turn-based play.
      • Players take turns.
      • Only one piece can be shot off at a time (wait until all pieces are inactive).
    • Come up with a format for describing levels.
      • Add a level-loader.
    • Menus.

Previous Progress

Goals for week of 4/7:

  • Primary goals
    • Clean up my code.
      • Take code out of .h’s and move into .cpp’s. Just one issue remains; for some reason the linker fails if I move the integrate function code into Physics.cpp.
        • Modify makefile to reflect this.
      • Make better use of references and pointers.
      • Use data structures more intelligently.
    • Add an OS check so code will compile and run on any platform. (Well, Linux and Windows, at least. Mac testing will come later.)
    • Fix collision response. Now using impulses on collision, and it’s MUCH better. But I’m just doing an Euler integration on the impulses; I should fix this at some point but it’s not a high priority right now.
    • Add a secondary collision detection routine where triangle pieces are involved. Harder than I thought to use a pixel-based collision detection in SDL; does SDL_image even give you direct pixel access in any way? I can’t find out how to do that. [edit: Thanks, Joseph!]
    • Fill out and send in my forms to Google!!!
    • Send in a picture of myself for the winlibre SOC gallery.
  • Secondary goals
    • Add a sound routine to play sound effects on collisions, etc.
    • Start moving the demo more in the direction of the game.
    • Try to speed up game loop computations (primarily collision detection and integration)
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