Here is the proposal as submitted to Google. It will be updated as goals are made clearer.

Project name


Although this was the original name submitted to Google, I have since discovered that the name is in common use. I will most likely change it to something else. Recommendations are welcome.

Project description

A GUI frontend to the cdrtools package

While k3b may have stolen the scene in the Linux world, there is still no multiplatform GUI to the cdrtools! CDRoast would fill the vacancy left in other operating systems. It is more than a nice addition to the open source community - it is a long overdue necessity!


  • A program (written in Python and WxPython) that is capable of interfacing between the user and the cdrtools. From the average Joe’s standpoint, it is a program that burns CDs. It will be licensed under the GPL.
  • Online help to explain the basics of CD burning


  • multiplatform, but aimed at the Windows population
  • drag and drop functionality
  • straightforward hardware configuration
  • status window with progress bar, expected remaining time, etc.
  • ability to burn ISOs (WindowsXP does not natively support this)
  • wizard interface

Project Schedule

  • Work can begin immediately
  • 4 Phases (pending approval of mentor):
    • Phase 1 -
      • Create core connection between CDRoast and cdrtools. At this stage, the program will read a list of files (or an ISO) from a text file, and then burn them to the CD. Aside from an elementary progress bar, there will be very little UI. By completing this part of the project first, we can ensure a functional program, and not just a dainty UI.
      • Estimated work period: First two weeks of July
    • Phase 2 -
      • Wrap a GUI around phase 1. No more reading of text files. Will feature Drag and Drop functionality, basic hardware configuration (e.g. select drive and burning speed), and a more verbose progress screen.
      • Estimated work period: Last two weeks of July and first week of August
    • Phase 3 -
      • Online help system. Since the goal of CDRoast is user friendliness, the goal of the online help system should be to unobtrusively aid novice users in the creation of their CDs.
      • Estimated work period: Middle two weeks of August
    • Phase 4 -
      • A grace period for unforseen problems, and clean up work
      • Estimated work period: Last week of August
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