Bohdan Vlasyuk

Some info about me here.

I’m 21.

I live in Ukraine, Vinnytsia.

I graduate this fall.

I love cycling and skiing.


I will blog here.



It feels like the development is stalled on the GUI part. It just won’t work out. :-(

Hmm. I must focus on it.

My documentation needs a good rewrite, too.

A good job for a Monday evening, isn’t it?

bodq 2005/07/18 15:03


Got a responce for my July 8 mail to Dan Neri:


I just arrived back in the office from a family vacation to Arizona..
Thanks for you patience with waiting for my reply.

If you would give me the following information, it would be easier for
me to quote you a price for usage:

Area of Distribution
Number (estimate) of copies
Advertising size and quantity
Type of advertising: web, print, television, etc.
Years of usage

Thanks again for the inquiry and I look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards,
Dan Neri

I wonder how much would that be. $10,000 maybe? :-)

bodq 2005/07/15 11:08


Taxes are annoying as hell. Truly.

bodq 2005/07/11 20:28

We need to have same directory structure for all cases:

  • Standalone install
    • Data is stored in Manatee_path (we obtain this from registry? or is it just os.cwd?)
  • No install (CD version or just zipped distribution)
    • same as above
  • Python-module install
    • Data is stored either in sys.prefix or in site-packages/Manatee/data

That’s a little something to think about.

bodq 2005/07/11 13:53


Current situation with Manatee/Installer:

  • It is simple, but function-complete
  • We would be able to include data files (distribution contents) easily

This is good.

Perhaps, there could be a separate installer version for people who don’t need the Manatee/ControlCenter. It won’t include the wxWidgets part. I will take care to separate the code to make it easy.

bodq 2005/07/10 18:11

Py2Exe integrates well into Python distutils. It will be possible to make both work. I.e. we’ll have a standalone package, and, possibly, a package for people who already have pyhton+wxpython (which will be considerably smaller).

Py2Exe allows us to create installers with InnoSetup. This is very cool, too.

bodq 2005/07/10 16:29

Currently, Manatee/Installer requires preinstalled Python, and installs itself as an ordinary python module. This is simple enough and feature-rich enough.

The problem, so far, is that I can not determine the path to the Python executable and Python scripts folder. So, I can not create desktop shortcuts/etc...

bodq 2005/07/10 14:57



I’m contacting Dan Neri to get a permission to use some of his great underwater photos of manatees if my program.

bodq 2005/07/08 20:56

After a “prolonged silence”, I’m back into the saddle.

It appears, that a simpistic implementation of Manatee/Installer is so very easy thanks to python distutils.

bodq 2005/07/08 20:32


I feel I’m lacking communication with the team. (Err, we aren’t actually a team in the term of simultaneous coding, but still...) I expected to get more help from others, and I actually could help others more. But, aside from collaboration page, it seems there isn’t anything we’ve helped each other.

I haven’t had any feedback on my ideas yet. However, some of the thoughts from other proposals seem very very reasonable.

I don’t want to work on the py2exe part yet. It seems, there could be better solutions.

Also, wxpython is just too large. There are very compact toolkits that just wrap around native dlls (WinAPI... :-( ), but they are not crossplatform, and I don’t fancy the idea of learning WinAPI. There must exist some compromise.

bodq 2005/07/04 18:14

3 elaborates on .exe creation.

bodq 2005/07/03 15:35

py2exe apparently has bugs.

bodq 2005/07/03 14:13

Steps needed to set-up the programming environment:

  1. Install python
  2. Install wxPython
  3. Install py2exe

bodq 2005/07/03 14:02


It appears that projects will remain duplicated. That’s not too bad after all, we can afford some duplication, and it would actually be an interesting experiment.

I will try to communicate my ideas about WinLibre architecture to other developers, this must ease the burden of the future merge.

bodq 2005/07/01 10:03



I’ve started the blog in this wiki – I just like it better than prefer it to most other interfaces.

The work on the project is starting. We are having problems with duplication of efforts, and I don’t have a slightest idea about how would it resolve. So far, I’m up to looking at other proposals, and borrowing ideas there.

Perhaps we must schedule an IRC meeting and discuss such things there.

bodq 2005/06/30 13:49

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