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Soc Update

  • 07/01/2005 : New wiki page: WinLibre's Summer of Code Home
  • 06/23/2005 : Final choice deadline (around 8 slots alowed to WinLibre)
  • 06/22/2005 : Final Selection in the last 22 proposals set
  • 06/18/2005 : I’m starting the review process : 113 proposals ...

Proposals for the Google Summer of Code program

Google is launching the summer of code program which sponsors students work on open-source projects during the summer.

The main WinLibre’s goal is to ease and develop the open source software distribution on Windows

  • WinLibre is a rigorous selection of free, legal software for Windows 98, 2000, XP
  • WinLibre packages this quality software in a complete and coherent product
  • WinLibre software meets your essential needs : Office (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation), Internet (web, email, messaging), Multimedia (music, video), Create (drawing, music), Tools (file compression, antivirus)
  • WinLibre automates and simplifies their installation

The goal is to give the average joe user an easy tool to choose, install and update a selected set of open source apps.

Here is a list of proposals for the WinLibre Project.

Technology Preview projects

WinLibre Python prototype

This is a WinLibre rewrite using :

  • Python + WxPython
  • cUrl
  • XML files

WinLibre XUL prototype

This is a feasability test rewrite using :

  • XulRunner+XUL GUI
  • XPInstall
  • XML files

MacLibre Prototype

Aim : To have a Mac OS Free sofware distrubtion like WinLibre is on windows.

  • Python+ wxPython installer for Mac OS X
  • Application selection and integration

New Internal Tools

WinLibre Control Center

The control center should have the following functionality’s :

  • Launch every application from the winLibre suite.
  • Display news items from the winLibre homepage ( rss feeds )
  • Launch the update tool for the installed packages.
  • Easy Wikipedia access
  • Language : Python + WxPython

WinLibre Updater

  • Is a client/server application which queries an update server to check for new packages and if so downloads and installs them.
  • The server would generate an XML file with all the new packages and here versions.
  • this XML file should be made automatically or with a GUI Application. So that the maintainer has to put minimal effort inupdating the packages
  • The client should be able to work completely automated. So no user input is required.
  • it should be possible to add applications to your current configuration.
  • The client should check for dependencies and try to resolve them by installing additional packages.
  • the removal of packages should also be available from this tool. This would result into calling the Uninstall program of the requested package.
  • Actually the update tool will work pretty much like debian’s apt-get, but with a nicer GUI.
  • Language : Python + WxPython

Corporate Config Editor

  • Implemement a way to handle a config file to drive silently the WinLibre Setup
  • Write a config file editor (with a GUI)
  • Language : Python + WxPython

New External Applications

New Innovative Desktop Application

Write a new, innovative multiplatform, windows compatible, easy to use desktop application

If you want to create a brand new, innovative application, write and submit a proposal.

Multi-OS cdrtools GUI

Write a GUI to cdrtools to provide a free cd burning solution to Windows users.

New Innovative Game

Write a new, innovative multiplatform, windows compatible, Game.

It will be included in the next WinLibre/Game pack.

Any idea ? Write and submit a proposal.

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