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mercredi 27 octobre 2004

WinLibre 0.3.0 Beta2

This is again Beta-testing time with this 0.3.0Beta2 release.
This release implements all Winlibre 0.3 planned features:

  • Automatic French dictionaries installation for
  • English or French software installation in respect to chosen language
  • ChangeLog.txt Added
  • French Nvu 0.50 release added
  • Application update: 1.1.3, FireFox 0.9.3(fr) et 0.10.1(en), ThunderBird0.8 , Nvu 0.50 (En and Fr), Gaim 1.0.2, FilleZilla 2.2.8d, Blender 2.34, Gimp 2.0.5, Audacity 1.2.2, Inkscape 0.39, Clamwin 0.35-2
  • GTK 2.4.10 for Gaim and TheGimp

WinLibre 0.3 Beta2 Download:

Download it, Test it, and report bugs here!

jeudi 7 octobre 2004

Official WinLibre merchandise

The official WinLibre merchandise online-store is born !

All profit from anything sold there goes to supporting the WinLibre development.

So buy a WinLibre T-Shirt or Cap ;-)

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