• module name : winlibre-xul


with XULRunner

  • download XULRunner at
  • 1st method :
    • extract it in the directory where you’ve checkout the CVS branch (in a xulrunner subdir)
    • copy the xulrunner-stub executable to the base dir
    • launch it
  • 2nd method :
    • install it in your PATH
    • launch xulrunner application.ini in the winlibre-xul folder

with FireFox (or other Gecko browser, I think)

  • find your chrome directory (sub-dir of you base FireFox dir)
  • copy chrome.manifest into this directory
  • rename it to winlibre-xul.manifest
  • edit it and change all instance of file:chrome/ to file:winlibre-xul/
  • create a subfolder named winlibre-xul in your Gecko chrome dir
  • copy into it the content of the content dir of the CVS branch
  • run your Gecko browser, then go to this url : chrome://winlibre-xul/content/start.xul
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