WinLibre Google Summer Of Code 2006

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Internal Communication

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SourceForge & CVS

CVS access on Sourceforge

Subversion access on Sourceforge

HowTo Setup/Access a repository on Sourceforge

  • First thing to do is to create an account onto Sourceforget by following instructions:
  • Next you can use GUI tools such as Tortoise (CVS or SVN) or maybe you can use the CVS tool of your IDE (Eclipse)
  • In the following line I will describe how to setup Tortoise CVS and Eclipse CVS tool

Tortoise CVS


  • You can download Eclipse here :
  • Then to configure your CVS client with a SSH connection:
    • You can setup a SSH connection to sourceforge with PLink and Putty as explained here
    • In Eclipse, go to Window → Preferences → Team → CVS → Ext connection method. For CVS_RSH, hit the browse button and find Plink.exe:
CVS_RSH	your\full\path\to\plink.exe
Parameters	{user}@{host}
  • In Eclipse, create a new Repository Location using ext, not extssh. Connect and checkout your project:
Repository path	/path/to/repos
User	username
Password	empty
Connection type	ext


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