A Etudier

Etablir une philosophie

The 'Positioning' statement  of the WinLibre brand should be
"Free Software on Windows for Everyday Users". 

Campagne : Poster, CD, T-Shirts, WallPapers à télécharger ‘I am open - I use Winlibre’.

Page d’accueil : philosophie

Therefore, stress on 'Free', 'Legal', 'Feature Rich' and  'Open Source Software', in that order.

Créer une image ISO à télécharger

But a CD-image (with the binaries, an intro to the Winlibre philosophy , a splashimage upon CD-Autorun, etc )is much better -- it contributes to the 'experience'.  Create it!
Also create a CD jacket-leaflet, with a rich image - which can be downloaded, printed and inserted into the CD case.

Create an event - be heard!

Have a small , fun , 'tracking contest' that tracks the number of WinLibre adopters and their brand ambassadors.
Turn this into something big; let the whole of the  community - slashdot et all -  know ( and talk ) about it.
The next time a techie hands out a CD to his mom for Christmas, it should be a WinLibre CD.  
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