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Soc Update

Proposals for the Google Summer of Code program

Google is launching the summer of code program which sponsors students work on open-source projects during the summer.

The main WinLibre’s goal is to ease and develop the open source software distribution on Windows

The goal is to give the average joe user an easy tool to choose, install and update a selected set of open source apps.

Here is a list of proposals for the WinLibre Project.

Technology Preview projects

WinLibre Python prototype

This is a WinLibre rewrite using :

WinLibre XUL prototype

This is a feasability test rewrite using :

MacLibre Prototype

Aim : To have a Mac OS Free sofware distrubtion like WinLibre is on windows.

New Internal Tools

WinLibre Control Center

The control center should have the following functionality’s :

WinLibre Updater

Corporate Config Editor

New External Applications

New Innovative Desktop Application

Write a new, innovative multiplatform, windows compatible, easy to use desktop application

If you want to create a brand new, innovative application, write and submit a proposal.

Multi-OS cdrtools GUI

Write a GUI to cdrtools to provide a free cd burning solution to Windows users.

New Innovative Game

Write a new, innovative multiplatform, windows compatible, Game.

It will be included in the next WinLibre/Game pack.

Any idea ? Write and submit a proposal.