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Subject: 1040NR and W7 for beginners.

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— the facts —

  As things are much clearer than yesterday, we know exactly what is \\ \\

happening and what should we do. Also we know that google doesn’t have to

help us with this, our tax refund is our own problem, all makes sence.

However the fact that our knowledge on this issue is limited, we should

cooperate with each other on this subject.

There are 4 types of people here (as from IRS perspective):

  1) USA residents \\ \\
  2) F-1 status students\\ \\ 
  3) nonresident aliens with tax treaty \\ \\
  4) nonresident aliens without tax treaty. \\ \\

— who should read this mail? —

  This topic is intended only for people from group 4, so all others can \\ \\

setup their filters to delete replys to this mail. I suggest other people to

use this same subject, as we move forward.

  Chris, you could follow this topic, since there is a chance that there \\ \\

will be questions for you here too, so if you find the time to read this

e-mails, thanks in forward.

— actual mail starts here —

  I've tried to collect as much information as possible. I've did that by \\ \\

reading all the mails in this list, with a special accent on mails by Chris

DiBona, reading 100’s of pages from IRS documentation and talking with

people from IRS on the phone. Here are the informations I think people from

group 4 will find interesting (sorry for eventual repetition, but I’m trying

to make this mail as clear as possible):

  1) google must withhold 30% from the grant by the US laws. \\ \\
  2) we can get that money back from IRS at 15th April 2006. \\ \\

Q: How can we get the money back?

A: We must file the 1040nr form.

Q: Where can I find more information about the 1040nr form?

A: On the irs website, the url is:

or you can call IRS by phone: +1-991-800-829-4933, and they will assist you.

Q: Where can I find the 1040nr form itself?

A: You can get it in .pdf format from:

Q: On the form 1040nr I need to fill in my identification number, how to

get one?

A: You must fill the W-7 form, and send it via mail to:

Internal Revenue Service

Philadelphia Service Center

ITIN Unit, P.O. Box 447

Bensalem, PA 19020

Q: Where can I get more information on ITIN?

A: On the irs website, the url is:,,id=96287,00.html

or call the IRS by phone: +1-991-800-829-1040

Q: Where can I find the W-7 form?

A: You can get it in .pdf format from:

  The question remaining is: How can we prove to IRS that we actualy have \\ \\

the 30% of the grant withheld?

  PS: I'm usually on the #google-summer channel, so if you have new info, \\ \\

or want to ask something about this e-mail, please /query...

  DISCLAIMER: I'm not from google, nor am I a tax expert, I'm just trying \\ \\

to figure out what to do, and to share all the info I can get...

Best wishes,


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